A lready from young age I developed a passion for perfection, fashion and beauty. Later on I fell in love with nails and passion lead me to become a nail artist-technician.

I started on my own in the spring of 2004 to experiment with nail techniques, I read NAILS and other magazines every month — and more than once. My nails were first thick, flared and uneven, but the failures made me try harder…I persevered, spent hours doing training on my own hand over and over again. I started building confidence and I practised on anyone who would lend a hand, even if they only had time for one finger. I succeeded.

In the moment I felt confident,I opened my first salon in Bucharest in September 2004 and slowly clients started coming – and coming back.

Over the years, I have attended numerous courses in this field with experienced national and international trainers; I practised technical nails with gel, acrylic and silk, as well painting with acrylic paint, one-stroke, aquarelle, and 2D, 3D acrylic design.

In 2008 I opened a beautiful salon of this kind in Athens, Greece. Furthermore, in the same time I started teaching others for the first time. Shortly after, I was lead into a new world and new gates opened for my career. The eccentric and sophisticated nails made by me can be admired all over the world, even in the presentations of well-known designers

In 2011,I became an certified trainer and since then I share with you this wonderful nail art world. In all these years, I had the opportunity to try out thousands of products and gained huge experience what distinguishes a good and easy to work with product from a not so good one. This led me to create my own brand of excellent and cost-effective products aimed to the professional which I proudly place at your disposal. I am confident my NNA series of professional products will satisfy all your requirements!

My personal belief is that people that aren’t used to quality, always chase quantity, but as Vivienne Westwood used to say ‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last. Quality, not quantity: that is true sustainability’

My work is based on this quote and that is why I'm looking to offer my clients only quality through my work and product. The low prices are only possible because I stay away from expensive advertisement and extravagant packaging. The product quality is my advertisement.

In 2018 I opened the academy of nail art "Nicole Nail Art Academy".If you want to enter amazing world the world of Nail artists, I am here to share with you all my secrets.

If you want to enter this beautiful world of nail artist and to pursue your dream, I can help you become a successful nail technician.

Since I do not let my passion I continue to offer my art. So if you want to have the satisfaction of being the owner of exceptional nails I am here to bring grace to your hands with a perfect manicure.