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W e encourage you to choose quality over quantity. My products are of the best quality and designed with the nail professional in mind. The low prices are only possible because I stay away from expensive advertisement and extravagant packaging. The product quality is my advertisement. My nail products have the best price-quality ratio. My gels dry out in UV, LED and CCFL lamps. My Builder gels are ideal both for nail construction and to make the perfect french. Because my gels do not flow at all , they can be easily used to make the salon nail forms as well as the extreme nail forms. Due to their high viscosity, you can easily model the apex, the nail walls and the smile of the french. It keeps the "C" curve stable, so you do not need the pinching utensils. It can be applied to all 5 nails at once and is easy to file, reducing your work time.

Nail Designer and Master Trainer

I n all these years, I had the opportunity to try out thousands of products and gained huge experience what distinguishes a good and easy to work with product from a not so good one. This led me to create my own brand of excellent and cost-effective products aimed to the professional which I proudly place at your disposal. I am confident my NNA series of professional products will satisfy all your requirements!

Nicole Kontogianni

I f you want to enter in this beautiful world of nail artists and to pursue your dream, I can help you become a successful nail technician.

I f you want to be a proud owner of exceptional nails I am here to bring grace to your hands with a perfect manicure.

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